Poker Mavens 2.25 Released

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Poker Mavens 2.25 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:47 pm

Upgrade page:


Trial / Lite version

The Trial and Lite versions can now run a ring table and a single-table tournament simultaneously. Previously you had to pick one or the other.

Chip Auditing

Some functions have been added to aid with tracking chip counts. "Calc total" and a "Log balance" functions have been added to the Chips menu on the Accounts tab in the server console. Calc total will sum up the chip balances for the selected players and display the total. Log balance will record the current chip balance for all selected players to the event log so you'll have a record of it at that specific time. Neither function accounts for the chips at live tables so it's best to run these in an offline state or when no one is logged in. In addition, the "Rake Accounts" dialog on that same Chips menu has a new Log button for writing the current Rake and Entry Fee balances to the event log. Finally, whenever a player's account is credited or debited, their current balance is also recorded in the event log.


The Reset buttons have been replaced with Inc (increment), Dec (decrement), and Set buttons in the Rake Accounts dialog that can be displayed from the Chips menu on the Accounts tab in the server console. These are safe to use in an online state. Corresponding API commands for these functions are also available as described below. A new "Log rake accounts" setting has been added to the System tab for recording all rake and entry free transactions in the event log.

Idle Players

You can now boot off players who log into your system but are then idle for an extended period of time. First, a new "Last Action" column has been added to the Connections tab that shows the time of the last packet received from each player. This column can be sorted and you can manually terminate connections based on that time. Or you can set the new "Max idle minutes" setting in the System tab to a non-zero value to have connections terminated automatically. A corresponding "LastAction" field is now reported in the API as described below.

API changes

A SystemStats command is available for retrieving several server stats including logins, filled seats, occupied tables and the server up-time.

New commands related to the ring game rake and tournament entry fee accounts include SystemRakeGet, SystemRakeSet, SystemRakeInc, SystemRakeDec, SystemEntryFeeGet, SystemEntryFeeSet, SystemEntryFeeInc, SystemEntryFeeDec.

A "LastAction" field is now included with the ConnectionsGet and ConnectionsList commands.

See help file for details.

Chat impersonation exploit

Previously a person could type in their own chat comment and add a bunch of spaces, someone elses name, a colon, and usually a rude remark. The extra spaces caused a line wrap that made it appear the last remark came from the second player. Now all extraneous spaces are removed automatically and the player's name is now bolded.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where the email ValCode parameter was not saved to the player's account file immediately.

Fixed a bug in the ring game rebuy function that allowed a player to play one additional hand with no chips.
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