Poker Mavens 4.43 Released

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Poker Mavens 4.43 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:43 pm

Upgrade page:


Account loading time at startup is now much faster and includes a progress counter. Previously the grid control was updating itself on every node addition and that was dramatically slowing the load time, particularly on sites with tens of thousands of player accounts. Now the grid suspends updates until the last account record has been added.

Added a buffering mechanism to the event, error, and chat log files for increased disk i/o performance. Previously each record was getting recorded immediately to the file. That was highly inefficient, especially at the start of large tournaments where hundreds of new records could be added in a short period of time. Now those records are buffered and a timer thread sends the accumulated data out once per second.

Replaced various system timers with a central timing thread for better stability when system resources are low. Previously the server was depending on Windows system timers for various tasks like starting timed tournaments and removing disconnected players from the Connections tab. However those could come to a stop if your system got too low on system resources. Now a dedicated program thread (which should never stop) handles those tasks.

Added a Message button to System toolbar for sending a lobby chat message. Now you can send a message to the lobby chat box directly from the Windows console (this is not yet in the remote admin console). Previously you had to use an API call to do that.

When "Show Net Chips" is off, that column is removed from the Ring tab in client. Previously it would just show that column as empty.

A "Rebuy Cost" of 0 is now allowed in tournament settings.

Added SessionID to parameters in Login Callback Event. Added by request.
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