Poker Mavens 4.42 Released

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Poker Mavens 4.42 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:41 pm

Upgrade page:


Added "Calc total" and "Log balance" commands to Accounts|Chips menu in Remote Admin. These commands already existed in the Windows console. Calc Total will add up the account balances for all the player accounts that you have checked in the list. Log Balance will add an Audit entry to the Event Log showing the account balance of each player account checked in the list.

Added new SystemBalance command to API. This command returns the total number of chips in the system, divided into the return parameters shown below. Note that this command is not "atomic", in that it's possible that some chips are double counted or not counted at all because they were being moved as the totals were calculated. You can be reasonable assured that the total is accurate if you call this command twice in a row and get the same result.

Players - sum of all player account balances
RingChips - sum of all chip stacks at ring game tables
RegChips - sum of all buyins + fees for tournaments not yet started
PrizePool - sum of all remaining prizepools of running tournaments
Rake - balance of system rake account
EntryFee - balance of system entry fee account
Total - sum of the other 6 parameters

Client windows are now auto scaled down if they are larger than the allotted space in the browser window.

Fixed player count bug in tournament table rebalancing. Previously it was possible that transferred players were being counted as seated at a new table when they were actually still in the queue to be seated in the next hand.
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