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Poker Mavens 4.39 Released

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2015 2:12 pm
by Kent Briggs
Upgrade page:


Added "Arrange windows" feature to lobby options menu. This allows the player to either cascade or tile all the open table windows with an option to include the lobby window. When cascading, all windows are reset to their default sizes and displayed in an overlapping stair-step design. This is basically how tables have been opened since version 2.00. If the Tile option is selected, the tables will be sized as large as possible to fit in the available browser window without overlap (if possible).

A "Tournament is on break" banner is now displayed at rest breaks in the middle of the table.

Fixed an editor bug in the Account settings for the Avatar File field. Previously you could not blank out this field because the editor went directly to a file open dialog that would not accept a blank path.