Poker Mavens 4.35 Released

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Poker Mavens 4.35 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:15 pm

Upgrade page:


Added "Rebuy cost" field for tournaments. Now you can specify a different cost for the rebuys and add-ons instead of it always being equal to the buy-in. For example, you can put up a 0+0 freeroll and then fund the prizepool strictly off of the rebuys. Also the "Rebuy fee" field has been changed from Yes/No to a numeric value. Also, everyone should reset the "Tournament rebuy message" field in the "Add Chips Dialog" group on the Language tab. It has been modified with a %1% variable so that the player knows the cost of the rebuy before they request it.

Ring and tournament names have increased from 25 characters to 40 characters max. Note that the ID column in the Lobby is still the same size so that many characters won't actually fit unless the player resizes it. The full name does show below the grid when selected in the list, however.

Previously when Gold users enabled the "Remove About dialog" option, the About menu item in the Lobby would be replaced by a static version number. Now nothing at all appears in that space.

Chat line height limit implemented to prevent vertical text overflow. Unicode has an annoying "combining character" feature where characters can be displayed vertically and so that could be exploited to mangle the chat boxes. I've now used some CSS to prevent that.

Edit box for date field is no longer read-only in Windows console. Previously you couldn't enter 9999-99-99 99:99 for a permanent chat ban because the box was read-only and that was not a valid date you could click on with the calendar control.

Stopped client from sending unnecessary "GameSelected" packets after list updates. This should reduce bandwidth between clients and server, especially when large tournaments are being monitored.
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