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Poker Mavens 2.11 Released

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 7:20 pm
by Kent Briggs
Upgrade page:


Login times in client now converted to local time - previously they were displayed in the server's time zone

Account signup dialog is now only displayed if enabled - previously the player could fill out the entire form before getting the "not enabled" message.

Pausing a tournament now pauses level timer also - previously the level timer would keep running and then the tournament could jump several levels forward when the tournament was resumed.

Fixed bug removing sitters too early from ring table - previously it was possible for a returning player to click the Ready button and still get booted from the table.

Fixed "Divide by zero" bug when ante puts a player all-in - this was caused by the improper creating of side pots.

Fixed bug in hand history slider control - sometimes the thumb control would be disabled and the hands could only be changed with the buttons.