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Poker Mavens 2.10 Released

Postby Kent Briggs » Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:09 pm

Upgrade page:


* New API (application programming interface - pro version only) implemented with over 40 commands for controlling user accounts, game settings, connections, and other system properties from an external source. See help file for full list and instructions. I will post some PHP examples in another thread.

* Rathole prevention - Players who return to the same ring game table within a specified number of minutes can be forced to buy back in with at least as many chips as they left with.

* Default Buy-in - new option for setting the default ring game buy in. Previously this was automatically set at the average of the min and max buy-ins but now you can specify any value within that range.

* Leave Seat - the Leave button in the upper right corner of the table window now has a "Leave Seat" option for ring games allowing you to give up your seat without having to close the table window.

* Auto-muck - this option has been added to the table window to auto-muck uncontested winning hands. Also, all checkbox settings (dealer mute, hand helper, and automuck) are now remembered between sessions.

* Hand History - this tab window has been redesigned to show one hand at a time instead of a long list of hands. This prevents the lag that would occur after playing for a couple of hours. Navigation buttons and a slider control have been added for hand selection.

* Note field added to player accounts - this can be used by the admin for any reason. It can also be accessed via the API.

* Trial version users now have their own server directory at - this allows trial users to test this feature without "polluting" the main list at

* Added new logging options: "Log listing", "Log API access", "Log remote administration". All chip transactions are now logged, also.

* List sorting options have been added to Remote Administration interface - just click the column headers to sort.

* "Unregister at logout" option added for tournaments - previously a player would be automatically unregistered from all tournaments if they logged out. Now the admin has the option of letting them stay registered.

* Tournaments can now start at a specific time with a recurring time option - the time is also displayed in the client and converted to local time. The Recur option can be set to -1 to take a tournament offline after it completes.

* Leaderboards and waiting lists are now viewable from the server console - a view button has been added to the server console. This is now the default action when a game is double-clicked.

* Administrators can now manually unregister players from tournaments - this works from the Leaderboard View dialog described above.

* Added "Allow chip transfers" option - this allows a player to give chips to another player from the client.

* Added "Allow balance resets" and "Balance reset minutes" options - this allows you to implement a system so that broke players can request more chips, up to the starting balance value. The time option limits how often they can do this. "Allow negative balance" must be disabled to use this option.

* Added a "Crash recovery" option - this system creates files during game play with stack sizes (ring games) and entry fees (tourneys) that will be refunded automatically if the server program starts up and finds these files in the CrashProtect folder (indicating an abnormal shutdown due to a crash or power outage). For tourneys that had already started, the remaining prizepool is evenly divided among the remaining entrants. A popup message will be displayed if a recovery occurs and all balance adjustments will be written to the event logs.

* The Buddy List function now uses the internal SMTP system for sending emails - previously the server would invoke the default email program but that method had a limit to the number of recipients that could be in the list. Now there is no limit and you have the option to send the email as a blind carbon copy (BCC) or as individual messages so that players cannot see email addresses of other players.

* LoginPlayer and LoginPassword parameters can now be passed via GET or POST to the game server for automated logins of players. POST is recommended, however, so as not to expose the player's password in the browser's address bar.

* The Login dialog now displays automatically when the client is loaded. This saves the players from having to click the Login button each time.

* Fixed numerous bugs.
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