PM 6.07 disconnect detection

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PM 6.07 disconnect detection

Postby JackSpade » Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:40 am


It seems that there's a problem with version 6.07

It takes very long time for server to detect that client has connection problems, so it does not activate time bank.

Our settings:

Turn time is 30 seconds
Time bank is 30 seconds

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open poker mavens
2. Connect to the server from mobile phone
3. Observe connections tab: connection status of the user is ok
4. Disable network on the phone (hardware wi-fi and cellular connection off)
5. Server shows "Ok" connection status for over 2 minutes, which does not activate disconnect protection
6. Nothing shows on log apart from timeout at some point

Desired result:
Problems with connection should be detected after several seconds of not getting connection and ideally logged, so we could negotiate with players and clearly show the issue.

Looking at it - it seems that version 5.xx had Ping/Pong socket messages to detect disconnects, but version 6.xx does not have them anymore, is there any way to re-enable this?
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Re: PM 6.07 disconnect detection

Postby Kent Briggs » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:08 am

The ping/pong system you mentioned hasn't changed in version 6 but it only exists to keep the client O/S from from dropping idle connections, not for disconnect detection. Poker Mavens receives disconnect events from the Indy Sockets TCP component, which receives them from the WinSock system in Windows. Just turning off Wifi on your phone will not necessarily create an immediate disconnect because the low level TCP/IP layer is still trying to work. Download TCPView from Microsoft at ... ds/tcpview and monitor the packet port connection from your phone. Notice that turning off Wifi does not kill the connection right away so Poker Mavens does not get a disconnect event.
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