Poker Table
Player Interface

Each poker table is represented in an independent window that can be moved and resized anywhere inside the user's web browser (desktop mode only). Click and drag the small triangle icon in the lower right corner to resize the window. The table graphic is identical for both ring games and tournaments. In the Pro/Gold version of Poker Mavens, you can substitute your own color scheme, table/chip/card graphics, avatars, and sound effects.

In the upper left corner of the table is a pull-down menu with the following commands:

The four tab windows shown above have a Save button for copying text to a popup window, where it can be copied to the clipboard or saved to a local file. Other global table options are available in the Lobby window under Options | Table Settings.

Click the Leave button in the upper right corner to leave your seat and/or close the table window. In a tournament, the player will be placed in "Sitting Out" mode and will eventually get blinded out if they don't return. In a ring game, the player is removed immediately and any chips in their stack is added back to their account.

The Chat area is located in the bottom left corner of the table. A player simply types in a line of text and presses Enter and their name and message will be displayed at the bottom of the scrolling chat box. If a player prefers a larger chat box, they can click the Menu button and then select "Extended chat" as described above.

Whenever it is a player's turn to act, their name plate will glow with a yellow color and two or three Action Buttons will be displayed in the lower right corner of the table. For Pot Limit and No Limit games, if there is a possibility of betting or raising a variable amount then an edit box and a slider bar will also be displayed for selecting the amount.

Fold to any bet - When a player checks this box, their hand will be folded when it becomes their turn to act and there is a live bet that has not been called. However if they have an option to check their bet, then the check will be performed automatically for them. This option is cleared at the end of the hand.

Sit out next hand - Checking this box will put the player in "Sitting Out" mode when the next hand starts. For ring games, that means they will not be dealt any hole cards and the blinds will skip past them. However if they do not return before the amount of time specified in the "Maximum sitout minutes" setting has expired, they will be automatically removed from the table. For tournaments, a player sitting out will continue to get cards and post blinds. They will eventually be blinded out of the tournament if they do not return.

Sit out next blind - Checking this box will put the player in "Sitting Out" mode whenever it is their turn to post a small or big blind. This option is only available in ring games.

Straddle - Checking this box will cause the player to post a straddle bet (equal to twice the big blind) when they are in the "under the gun" position (i.e., right after the big blind position). The straddle is placed preflop with the other blinds and makes the straddle player the last one to act preflop. An asterisk (*) is displayed after the checkbox caption when a straddle bet has been made in the current hand.

Next Move - These Check/Call/Fold boxes will be displayed when there is action pending at the table but it is not yet the player's turn to act. A player can use these if they know what move they are going to make in advance of their turn.

Folded Cards - Players can see the cards they folded in the current hand by moving the mouse cursor just above their name plate (or touching just above the name plate on a mobile device). They will be displayed in a semi-transparent state.

Player Info - Hovering the mouse (or long tapping on a mobile device) over a player's name plate will also display a tooltip of information regarding that player (location, gender, time bank remaining, notes, etc.). Clicking the name plate will display a popup dialog containing additional functions including player notes (including color and chat block), search, profile display, and a "rotate here" option.

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